Our passion and commitment resonates through every aspect of our business. We aspire to become the crème de le crème of creative resources.
The company was founded in 2002 by Jackie Grant, who has more than 15 years of extensive experience in the Advertising and Marketing industry, instilling her dedicated passion and creativity into both staff and clients.
Design at Signature signifies originality and expert craftsmanship, providing memorable experiences for all clients, big and small. Whether it entails providing a new perspective on outdated brand identities or creating a new one, the Signature creative team fashion inspirational artwork that is timeless and versatile.
step 1: reseaech & inspiration
We at Signature strive to execute expertly crafted designs with the use of careful planning,
rigorous research and conceptualisation.
To get your brand the solid foundation that it requires.
We invest heavily in getting it right the first
time putting on our most creative hat to give your
brand its ideal look and feel.    
step 2: scamp & concept
Creating the big picture. Old school drawing and planning are encouraged within our design team. We understand that stories sell. Creating your brand’s story and articulating it into copy and creative will give us more to market when it comes to execution.
step 3: crafting design
A flair for design makes good branding exceptional. We all know those people who just seem to polish a look. Well that’s what we do to design. We add finesse, craft it a little and turn it into a catwalk ready creation. Once you’ve stepped out with our style you’ll know a cheap copy!
step 4: catwalk ready
You can’t help but stare...
With all the skill that’s gone into shaping your brand you know that the outcome will be spectacular. There is nothing more rewarding than sending your new design out knowing it will be a showstopper. We take the same pride in our clients’ designs as we do in ourselves.
step 5: digital design
You’ll want to share the outcome...
Through printed and visual media we will get your design out there. With the growth of digital media the opportunities to gain exposure are endless.
You’ve gone to all the effort of developing a brand - you’re going to need to share it.