The Honeydew packaging range was designed to enhance the dairy experience and bring the range in line with international trends.
With varied print processes and applications the client service team worked closely with the production team to ensure timely production
and delivery.
Eye Candy’s catchy packaging design is based on emoticons, appealing to adults and children alike. The tone is fun and quirky with bright vivid colours showing product differentiation while still allowing the consumer to see the product contents.
Using the elegant Ampersand creates a unique brand identity that lends itself to the customisation trend. Me & You, Milk & Honey, Cookies & Cream... The concept also lends itself to appeal to the gifting sector which is prevelant in the CNA store.
The Patrick Holford brand aims to change your perception of what it means to be healthy and to discover the changes you need to achieve 100% health. In line with Patrick Holford’s philosohpy and the Xylitol trend a range extension was launched into major retailers nationwide.
The G.I. Lean Weight Loss Programme boasts a reputable range of supplements that have been scientifically formulated to enhance weight loss. The packaging design has been refreshed and is in line with stringent MCC requirements.